The medieval hamlet hemmed in by ancient walls

The ancient village of Malmantile probably began as a military outpost established on the road from Florence to Pisa.

The name literally means “damned tablecloth”. The story of the origin of the hamlet’s name reaches back to the 4th century, when the bishop of Milan, Saint Ambrose, traveled to Florence to meet with the bishop of the city, Saint Zanobi. The two bishops stayed at an inn near the hamlet, but the poor hospitality caused a curse to be cast on the public house, which later fell into a crevice.

The ancient village is still surrounded by its original walls, a legacy of its medieval fortification, modified under Filippo Brunelleschi’s guidance.

Encircled by the castle’s defensive walls, the historic centre of Malmantile hosts a large medieval festival every year in June. It is one of the most important of its kind and one of the most popular summer events held in the province of Florence.

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