The company is located on the hills of Florence and more than a nursery can be defined as a “nursery park”, in whose guardian fields there are over 1000 varieties of endangered fruit trees, trees and native shrubs of the Mediterranean.
In this context, since 1983, the company has experimented with the agroecological cultivation of many fruit plants, selecting among these the most deserving for the family orchard.
Fabrizia Bigoni and Ugo Fiorini, great enthusiasts, experts and researchers, lead the company together with their sons Giacomo and Serena.

For 25 years now, iVIVAI BELFIORE, research and recover ancient and rare varieties of fruit trees to make them available to the public, saving them from oblivion.

The research activity takes place throughout Italy, from north to south, trying to highlight those that are varieties of fruit trees worthy of recovery.

Many are the cultivars now in danger of extinction because, for the most disparate reasons, they have been abandoned by cultivation. In this regard, the company is committed to ensuring that biodiversity is not lost.

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