Lavorazione pietre

The Frosini Pietre Srl is a company engaged in the stone industry. The
establishment is located in the town of Lastra a Signa, in La Lisca, a few
minutes from both Signa and Montelupo Fiorentino.
Since 1983 the Company has been extracting and working, mainly, the Pietra Macigno,
traditionally known as Pietra Serena, from the historic quarry of Caprolo between
hills of Greve in Chianti.
He also works, in every size and thickness, many other natural stones: Pietra
Forte, Colombino, Pietra di Santafiora, Etruscan Red, Golden Stone, Gray
Pearl, Piasentina Stone, Basalt, Peperino, Limestone Limestone, Travertines and Marbles.
The Frosini Pietre Srl offers each item in the most appropriate material,
taking care of dimensions and finishes in detail. Our technical designers, ours
artisan workers and our skilled workers are able to integrate
tradition and technological innovation, with dedication and constant commitment.
The activity of the production cycle with the workshop and the workshop of Frosini Pietre
Srl can be visited by anyone who wants to approach the world of materials
Natural and know the secrets of a trade linked to tradition.
To find out more, you can call 055-8724105 or write to
Also you can visit our website or follow our
updates on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages and on  youtube
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