The church of San Pietro in Selva is located on the Via Vecchia Pisana, just past the Castle of Malmantile. ‘Selva’ means wooded land and the church’s name derives from the characteristics of the surrounding area, over which woods and farmland extend.

It dates from at least the 13th century, but the current building resulted from works carried out in 1955. To restore the medieval appearance of the church, the 18th-century ceiling was removed and a new truss roof, apse and portico were built.

Traces of the late-14th-century frescoes attributed to Lorenzo di Bicci’s workshop are visible on the facade. Located next to the church is the oratory of the Brotherhood of the Madonna of the Snow, founded in 1578.

The interior houses two 16th-century side altars. A painted wooden crucifix from the 14th century hangs over the one on the right, a probable work of Lorenzo di Bicci.

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Indirizzo: Via di Gello, 1