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Horse-riding itinerary


Strada Lastra a Signa
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Within the 'Percorso delle vie verdi d'Europa'

The horse-riding trails in the environs of Lastra can also be followed on foot or by bicycle. They are part of the Percorso delle Vie Verdi d'Europa (Network of Green Roads of Europe), which connects the south of Italy to the Tosco-Emilian Apennines and to the Val di Susa.

The first stop for those traveling from the Pesa Valley to the Apennines (first itinerary) is mid way, at Villa Bellosguardo, where there are horse stables and an eatery. This itinerary leads to the Chiusa della Gonfolina and to the area where the River Arno can be crossed, near Camaioni.

It is defined by a considerable diversity of natural landscapes: the woods of the Pesa Valley, and the vineyards and woods of the Arno Valley. Cultural sites also abound: the ancient country church of Saints Ippolito and Cassiano, the castle of Malmantile, the Lecceto hermitage and Villa Bellosguardo.

The second riding itinerary begins in the Pesa Valley and includes the Cerreti wood, Mulinaccio, the Roveta woods, and ends near San Romolo, from where breath-taking views over the Florentine plain can be enjoyed.