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From Malmantile to the Pesa Valley


Mura di Malmantile
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The itinerary begins at Malmantile and continues to Quattro Strade. After leaving behind the fortified hamlet you will see a dirt road on your right, which leads to Poggio Ceto and Gello. It will take you through olive groves, vineyards and farm estates.

Continuing on the left, you will arrive at the ruins of an old mill. Make your way to the back to enjoy a dreamlike corner of the countryside. Back on the trail, go towards the valley, keeping the Rio del Lago in view, until you intersect the Chiantigiana road. Take this road then continue on the right until you arrive at the Romanesque country church of Saints Ippolito and Cassiano (11th century).

Backtrack to the old farmstead set amidst holm oaks and take the direction of Piandaccoli, where the road meanders through cypresses, farmland and olive groves to lead you to Spazzavento.

Back on the Via Vecchia Pisana, turn right and continue towards Malmantile.

Duration: 3 hours, Expert Level