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From the collina delle Selve to the Masso delle Fate


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Discovering the Bellosguardo hill

This itinerary can be divided into two separate ones lasting 1 and 2 hours, the first from the Colle delle Selve (the hill of the woods) to Bellosguardo and the second from Villa Bellosguardo to the Masso delle Fate (the rock of the fairies).

From Collina delle Selve, near Ponte a Signa, take the Statale 67 road. It will lead to the top of the nearby hill, which affords views over the surroundings. The road continues through a wooded area and runs uphill towards the dirt road that connects Villa Caruso Bellosguardo to the Fantone hill.

The second part of the itinerary begins at the Villa, leads to the Campolivo estate and continues into the woods. At the end of a level stretch, the road runs through a vineyard then enters an area called Chiusa della Gonfolina. After transiting another vineyard, the road intersects a narrower one that flanks a closed-down quarry and leads up to the Masso delle Fate (or Masso della Gonfolina), a sandstone rock that overlooks the Statale 67.

Old folk stories say the rock is inhabited by mischievous fairies and cannot be violated. The local farmers tell the story of the rock being made of a stone that broke chisels and even withstood the mines of the German troops. There is a small hut on the field surrounding the rock, where people can stop to have a bite, and meadows extending to the ancient grey-stone quarries.

This road leads back to the Statale 67, near the ward of La Lisca, where it continues behind the town and reconnects to the paved road called La Strada delle Selve, leading to Ponte a Signa.

Duration: 3 hours